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From a Family business we expect to give no less than:


• Provide superior quality services.

• Implement all resources.

• Benefit our customers, partners, agents and investors with cost    effective services and operations.

• Provide critical supply chain services.


Superior services revolve around doing whatever it takes to meet our customers' needs.   Having the experience necessary to prepare for the unexpected.  DL's customers count on us to overcome the challenges standing between them and their success.  By creating a dedicated team of professionals we meet the challenges of  your specific industry.  DL has raised the bar for delivering quality personalized, customized solutions and services.   Providing cutting-edge IT systems and global transportation and warehouse networks.  If you would like more information about our industry solutions please contact us.

  •  Strong in USA local and domestic services.

  •  Exceptional Land, Air and Ocean transportation.

  •  Complete worldwide network.

  •  Full online logistics managing system.

  •  Air Freight Services.

  •  Ocean Freight Services.

  •  Land Freight Services.

  •  Warehouse storage.

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