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A message from Seaboard Marine

"Seaboard Marine wishes to advise our valued customers that the health and welfare of all of the employees, at all locations and aboard all ships, is our top priority. As COVID-19 spreads to more communities and countries, we know that you may be concerned about how this impacts how you do business and interact with us. As advised earlier this week, all of our office and cargo facilities, both in the United States and overseas, are open and operating. Our vessel, terminal, and trucking/rail services are operating normally. Please specifically note that Port Miami, although closed for cruise traffic, is fully functioning for cargo activities, particularly at the Seaboard Marine terminal, to ensure the integrity of your supply chain. We are also aware that many Latin American countries have announced border closings and/or quarantined cities. But in every case thus far, the borders remain open for the transport of cargo and supplies with manageable delays as national leaders and municipal officials recognize the importance of international trade and supply chains. Further, government and customs officials at all ports in the Seaboard Marine network are available for clearance of cargo. All business continuity leaders within Seaboard Marine have comprehensively reviewed and updated steps and policies within our robust plan. As we monitor this evolving situation, we wanted to update you on some of the actions taken thus far. We are following the guidance from international, federal, and local officials, including the WHO, CDC, the U.S. Coast Guard, and Customs and Border Protection. Most employees in the main Miami office, as well as other offices within the United States and abroad, are now either working from home or at alternate locations. Considerable recent technology investments, including cloud computing, have allowed this to occur. Our employees have the technology needed to work remotely in the event of full office closures. Infection protection measures are being taken across the company. Office sanitizing protocols are in place, including a complete sanitization of our main office in Miami on March 15. At this time, visitors at all of our office locations are strongly discouraged. If you must visit one of our facilities, you are required to complete a questionnaire provided by your Seaboard Marine host before entry is allowed. We know this is a challenging time for our customers. We appreciate your support and are prepared to enact various contingencies to support your business in these difficult times."

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