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Week 03/23/2020 Begins. We are open and here to assist you

Although it has been forecast that for the US this will be one of the most difficult weeks, we want you to know that we are here, we remain strong and our team is fully in place to assist you. Although some of the services from our providers may be limited at the moment, most routes and service methods for the transportation industry whether air, ocean, or ground, remain fully in effect and available. We are eager to work to make sure the supply chain does not become interrupted more than we are all able to avoid. Understandably we have all suffered a slow down and with surely good intention.  However, we ask that you please ask us your questions in regards to any routes or special needs. Please don't be mislead by news or perception that we have stopped operations as a whole. The US is fully allowing all essential businesses at the State, City and County levels to operate, specially the logistics industry, because we are indeed essential. We are essential to keeping our economy alive and for its successful recovery in the near future to come. Please reach out and let us know how we can assist to keep your business moving forward with our available services.

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