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While the world undergoes constant changes!

While the world undergoes constant changes in light of the current global pandemic COVID-19 ( Coronavirus ), we want to take this opportunity to inform all of our customers / partners / agents that D.L. International Logistics, Inc is monitoring very closely the effect of COVID-19 worldwide and locally in an event of any current or drastic changes. Rest assured that at this time our team is fully in place, our region is doing business per usual and should this change, we will quickly communicate so that you too may make necessary changes to quickly adapt accordingly. At a time, such as this, we pray for the well-being of all and intent to work harder for you with utmost faith and Team effort so that businesses like yours and ours endure this difficult time.

We extend our best wishes from our Family to your Team for the best course possible moving forward. Thank you for your continued support.

For the most updated information and tips for prevention, visit

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