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Update 03/27/2020, Meeting global demand, while cautiously moving cargo forward

Today is a difficult day for the U.S. and the world as a whole.  It is with heavy hearts that we continue to adapt and carefully implement the proper balance of awareness, caution and utmost effort for the proper continuity of our business activities. We continue to place our best effort forward in keeping the continuity of much needed cargo business moving forward while utilizing the utmost availability of the current service providers resources. All cargo methods continue to operate on a cargo level, and while there is difficulty in its coordination due to demand and limited availability of space as an effect, we continue to receive and effectively get our customers' and partners' goods from point A to point B as it is essentially needed at this time. We look forward to next week, with much hope of the case numbers slowing down so that much needed relief and recovery begins to take place. We commit to continue doing our best to be cautious as a team, staying healthy and strong to meet the multimodal current global demand. Please reach out and let us know how we may assist to create solutions in expediting your current export and import needs.

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